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Support the work to contain the current spread of plague in Madagascar! We have set up a collaboration with Save the Children and pledge to donate half of the proceeds from the film directly to Save the Children's fight to stop the spread of plague in Madagascar.

For 12 € you can watch the film – in its 79 minute feature version - and at the same time help us donate 6€ to Save the Children in Madagascar. Rental period is 48 hours.


For transparency reasons, here is a break down of how your money will be spent:

You pay 12€

We send 6 € directly to Save the Children.

We pay 1,2€ to Vimeo for hosting fees.

We pay 2,6€ to our sales agent.

We retain 2,2 € to pay for the work and costs of producing the film from 2009 to 2017.


You can, of course, still rent the film without donating to Save the Children for the lower price of 10€ via. Use the promo code ’roap’ and you will only have to pay 10€ to rent the film.


Please note that Save the Children is a nonpartisan and non-profit organization. Any views and/or political affiliations portrayed in the film, do not in any way reflect the official policy of Save the Children.

Click here if you wish to go directly to Vimeo to see the film.